Notepad++ Best Themes to Download

Notepad++ is a popular text editor and source code editor in Microsoft Windows. Not only is Notepad+ simple to use, but it also gives an excellent coding experience. Notepad++ dark themes are perfect for individuals who prefer working in lowlight situations or fullscreen mode to avoid straining their eyes while writing code. Notepad++ dark themes are perfect for individuals who enjoy working in lowlight circumstances or fullscreen mode so their eyes aren‘t strained when editing code. Notepad++ aligns and emphasizes code, making it easier to edit and do other activities.

Notepad++ users have long pondered the numerous themes that may be applied while working. Here is a list of the top 14 notepad++ themes, complete with descriptions.

1. Material theme Notepad++

Material is a relatively new theme that has rapidly become one of the most popular Notepad++ themes. It follows the Google Material Design principles, making it an excellent alternative for people looking for a modern and clean theme.

Material Theme

You can get the theme and all other details from here.


2. Dracula theme Notepad++

Another popular notepad++ theme is the Dracula theme. See how the theme is represented in the image below:



  • A refreshing appearance and feel
  • Dark colours alleviate visual fatigue.

Get the theme from here.

3. Mariana

Notepad++ with the magnificent look of Sublime Text. This NotePad++ theme, Mariana, is a viable substitute for the material theme.

Mariana Theme

You can get the theme by clicking here.


4. Nord Notepad++

A clean, modern, and tasteful colour scheme for Notepad++ is reminiscent of the icy blue skies of the Arctic. This theme is intended to promote fluid and straightforward workflow. In addition, the Nord theme has a dark backdrop hue to avoid eye strain. Nord is a popular theme that is ideal for individuals who like a clean and straightforward coding environment. It has a bright backdrop and dark lettering, making it comfortable to read for extended periods of time. Nord is a great choice for those looking for a visually appealing theme.

Nord Notepad++

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